Our Services

AAAMG is dedicated to providing comprehensive anesthesia services across the Southern Alameda County and the East San Francisco Bay area.
For each service, we are committed to the highest standards of patient safety and comfort, leveraging advanced techniques and a patient-centered approach.

Acute Pain Management

Offering responsive care associated with surgeries or procedures.

Ambulatory Anesthesia

Tailored for outpatient surgeries, enabling patients to return home swiftly post-operation.

Anesthesia for Total Knee Replacement

Specialized techniques developed for optimal care during knee surgeries.

Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Focused pain relief for specific areas during surgery.

General, Gynecologic, and Thoracic Robotic Surgery Anesthesia

Advanced anesthesia for a broad range of minimally invasive robotic surgeries, ensuring patient comfort and optimal procedural conditions.

General Surgery Anesthesia

Comprehensive pain management and sedation tailored for a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Geriatric Anesthesia

Sensitive care adapted for elderly patients with additional health considerations.

GI Anesthesia

Supporting the early detection of colon cancer through comfortable colonoscopy procedures.

Neuro-Interventional and Body Interventional Endo-Vascular Anesthesia

Specialized sedation techniques for intricate brain and body vascular procedures.

Obstetric Anesthesia

Personalized pain management approaches for labor and childbirth.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Other Techniques

A range of numbing methods to aid in post-operative comfort.

Trauma Care Anesthesia

Emergency care for patients with acute injuries from various causes.