Are you a physician seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career in anesthesia services?

Look no further. At AAAMG, we invite you to be part of a legacy that spans over 30 years, serving the communities of Southern Alameda County and the East San Francisco Bay.

AAAMG is an independent, physician-owned partnership comprised of board-certified anesthesiologists serving Alameda County and the West San Francisco Bay Area. Known for our adaptability, flexibility, and exceptional service, we’ve become the preferred provider across diverse service lines in our community.

Why Choose AAAMG?

Community Esteem

We are well-regarded for our quality of service and active community engagement.

Stable and Supportive Environment

Our independent, physician-owned partnership offers stability, opportunities, and a fulfilling work environment.

Agile and Attuned to the Market Needs

As a small independent local group, our size grants us the flexibility to swiftly assess and adapt to market demands and opportunities.

Efficient Operations

Our lean administrative model ensures low operational costs, positioning us below the industry average for practices of our size.

Competitive Compensation

We boast an industry-leading, time and productivity-weighted compensation profile.

Low Turnover and High Satisfaction

We take pride in low turnover rates, with partners and associates consistently attributing their longevity and job satisfaction to positive relationships with peers and surgical colleagues.

Be Part of Our Partnership

At AAAMG, all physicians are employees and potential partners in our practice. We extend a unique one-year track to partnership for new hires. During the associate year, we ensure equitable allocation of work, vacation, and compensation between associates and partners.

Shape Your Future with AAAMG

Join us and steer your career towards unparalleled growth and satisfaction. Experience a collegial, supportive, and rewarding environment that values your contribution. Let’s forge a path of excellence together at AAAMG.

How to Apply

Take the first step towards a fulfilling career with us. Please email your resume to